Terms & Conditions

  • My breeding of show quality guppies enables me to make available the successful offspring.
  • These guppies are older than 3 months. They are still to achieve full size, colour and finage is still to fully develop. They have been kept in my standard environment - I do not alter the water conditions with treatments or supplements in any way other than adding salt when feeding brine shrimp.
  • I would recommend that salt is added to the new environment when the new guppies are first added.
  • My different guppy types and even different broods are always kept apart in my system and I would suggest that this would always be good practice. The pH is approx. 7 to 7.4 and the temperature is approx. 72° to 78°. The fish are fed a large variety of food and will readily accept all types including good quality flake food.
  • There is a standard procedure that should be used when placing any fish into a new environment. They must be gradually climatised with a gradual mixing of the new and old water. This should be done over a period of several hours. High breed guppies can be more sensitive than other aquarium fish and so greater care must be taken. Only healthy stock is for sale and they are all stock that have been bred by me in my fish room. The fish are sold as seen and never knowingly with any fault, defect or abnormality. Delivery is usually by post, in specialist breathable bags and during suitable weather. Each fish is bagged separately in its own bag. Payment is required in advance of sending the fish. Shipping is £15 in the UK and for all other places you need to contact me to find the cost. Note that when payment is made by Paypal, the purchaser must pay all fees and that the full price agreed should be paid into the account
  • All offers are subject to availability and can not be guaranteed.
  • Live delivery is guaranteed but in the unlikely event that a fish is dead on arrival I should be notified within two hours with a photograph of the dead specimen. A full refund will be made for the dead fish or, if required and available, a replacement sent. The purchaser must pay the delivery costs for the replacement. Please note I am not able to refund carriage costs and the buyer must pay the shipping costs for any replacement.
  • By making a purchase you are accepting that you have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions.